Winter Trees

By now, most of you know that the name Emergent came from the top layer of the forest, the Emergent Layer. It is comprised are the trees that grow the tallest and strongest so they can reach out above the canopy to grow closer to the sun. We’re not saying we’ve arrived quite yet but that is the goal.

There are so many metaphors for my vision of the company as it relates to this that I am learning over the years. Our responsibility as the ownership and leadership of Emergent is to be the strongest trunk we can be and to build the foundation on which our team of skilled craftspeople can be the leaves and fruit of the trees that can shine. Each part requires the other part to be successful in the shared goal of being the best and reaching out through the typical forest canopy.

It’s funny how “winter” or changes in the operation has a way of exposing the tree for what it really is. When the leaves are up, its easy for a trunk to blend in with the crowd but when the leaves change and the trunk is left to stand, that’s when the foundation is at its most vulnerable. May we take the “winter” months to reflect on who we are and what we are about in order to create meaning and reason for all members of the tree. May we also remember to celebrate the times of fruitfulness and blossom in order to ensure a shared vision of the tree we hope to be.

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