Fat Dan’s on Mass Ave

Fat Dan’s Deli has been a Broad Ripple favorite for years, especially for Chicago Cubs fans! So it’s no surprise that our story begins with a casual conversation between “Fat Dan” himself and a couple of Emergent’s own die-hard Cubs fans during a National League Division Series playoff game last fall. Dan mentioned he was planning to open a second restaurant location, we mentioned we could get the job done for him, and 6 (ish) months later, Fat Dan’s on Mass Ave was open for business! It’s open atmosphere, complete with a custom built bar, custom cabinetry, and wood plank walls gives it a rustic, inviting feel. The basketball hoop and Wrigley Field seats make the space one of a kind, and it’s difficult to imagine not having a good time while you’re there! We had a blast bringing Dan’s vision to life with this project, and the story unfolds in the photos below!


Photos: Chris Whonsetler

Brick Wall Built by: Chimney & Masonry Outfitters

Fat Dan’s Deli Downtown Location: 410 E. Michigan Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204


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